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Chilli Wines
Chilli Creme Light fruity white, spiced with mild chilli. Great with spicy food or just for quaffing $17.00
Chilli Supreme More serious chilli flavour that warms the chest $17.00
Hot Chilli Supreme A blast of flavour, only for the chilli devotee ( a Bird's Eye chilli in every bottle). $20.00
Fiery Dragon Hotter than a dragon's breath $17.00
Chilli Shiraz 2010 Rich dark berry-fruit flavours with a delightful chilli enhancement. $17.00
Chilli Apricot Lushest apricot flavour with a lifting grape finish & a hot chilli in every bottle! $20.00
Vermentino An Italian variety, apple and pear notes with mineral nose, finishing with crisp acidity,perfect with seafood and pasta dishes. $14.00
Rosé Fruity with mild tannins. distinctive shiraz flavour with a crisp finish. Perfect summer tipple. $14.00
Verdelho A fruity wine,full bodied flavour, lush texture with a citrus tang. $14.00
Passionfruit A fresh blend of passion fruit and grape wine, double the fruit delight! $15.00
Taminga Late harvest Taminga with floral scented Muscat and hits of acacia honey. Bronze Medal winner 2010 $14.00
Chenin Blanc High acidity and full fruity palate make this a delightful drop $14.00 Out of Stock
Chardonnay Full fruit, citrus acidity. Very clean and fresh on the palate $14.00
Classic Red Lighter version with all berry character of Shiraz $15.00
Merlot Dry medium bodied wine with hints of berry, plum and currants. $15.00
Cabernet Sauvignon A classic cab sav, hearty and rich with hints of blackberries and oak. $15.00
Shiraz 2009 Fresh and ready to drink, with fine tannins, vanilla hints and toasty oak $15.00
Grenache The grape Grenache has Spanish origins but does well in Australia. A soft spicy version not allowing heavy tannins to dominate. $15.00 Out of Stock
Durif Shiraz Combining the robust flavour of durif with a classic shiraz, a great year and combination $15.00
Tarrango The light Australian developed red wine. $12.00
Shipping WA $10.00
Interstate $20.00

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